Technical support services 365 days of the year

After-sales service

We develop and design installations working only with the very best partners. This is why we choose the best brands in the market to assure quality.

And since there's no such thing as perfection, we seek it by offering our partners and customers technical support services available 365 days of the year. Because life is full of the unexpected.

Authorised technical support

Maintenance services

All machinery and equipment needs maintenance to ensure peak performance. Nobody likes having their boiler to break down on the first day of winter or having a cooking range stop working on a summer evening. This is why we have a Preventative Maintenance Department. This team provides personalised maintenance services prior to the periods of highest demand, thus minimising the risk of failures and unwanted problems at critical times of the year.

Spare parts service

Our technical installation team requires specific parts for preventive maintenance and repair services for different kinds of equipment. We have a large inventory of spare parts on our premises to complete repairs in record time.
Being the market leader gives us a better perspective. But we would never have made it here without our customers and the other technicians that supplement the number of available installers on the island. Our entire spare parts catalogue, which is constantly being updated, is also available to them.         

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