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Our raison d'être

At Gasifred, we create comfortable spaces that inspire our customers to find the best version of themselves.

As technology grows by leaps and bounds, we at Gasifred ask ourselves what the spaces we inhabit should be like. We ask ourselves how to add value to spaces to make them worth living in and enjoying.

The commitment

The commit- ment

1. It is made up of people.
2. It is family; it is warm; it is gentle; it is consistent.
3. It is not being in a hurry to forge a new path towards a better solution.
4. It is embracing technology, innovation, challenges and the impossible because it is in our DNA
5. It is coming up with solutions and working together as a team to make people’s lives easier and more comfortable.
6. It is the conviction that whatever we do adds value. Always.
7. EIt is a promise to ourselves, our partners, our customers and the place where we live.

That is our commitment.

Our history


Gasifred was founded in 1972 with the aim of providing services to the new sector of hospitality at the time, hotel and tourism. Back in the 1970s, Ibiza was a remote island in the Mediterranean when its society underwent a drastic change. It went from a purely rural way of life to a tourist-oriented way of life. Gasifred opened as a small workshop with 9 employees who were experts in the technical installation of commercial refrigeration solutions and kitchen equipment to supply the hotels that were being built on the island. By the mid-1980s, air-conditioning was democratised. In this way, comfort and quality of life increased and Gasifred was largely responsible as it scaled up its services with air-conditioning experts to meet the great demand at the time. It was then that we began to focus on designing and creating more people-friendly spaces.


Today, Gasifred is the leading technical company in the market. After 45 years of history, more than 130 professionals now comprise our team. At present, we go beyond the maintenance, design, implementation and planning of installations, providing both professionals and private individuals with advice on creating comfortable spaces that are more people friendly and environmentally friendly. We try to create value that goes beyond mere convenience— value that you can experience in a space where people live together and enjoy life.






Committed to sports

Our commitment to sports goes back a long way and we could say that our love for football at Gasifred was forged more than 20 years ago by Gasifred’s own workers.

Today our team plays in the third division of the Spanish Indoor Football League, which is said to be the best league in the world. For us, having a team such as Gasifred Atlético in different categories is a source of great pride.


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