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Industrial Refrigeration


 Facilities for freezing perishable products in applicances such as:

  1. Deep freeze refridgerators for preservation & storage
  2. Refrigerated work areas
  3. Freezing and deep-freezing tunnels
  4. Ice cube factories
  5. Refrigerated wine stores

Always attaining optimum energy performance with best economical saving .Guarantee and maintenance carried out by real experts.

  • Our Standards +

     International TÜV has certified GASIFRED Quality Assurance according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for " Supply , sales, facilities management and maintenance of hospitality machinery, air conditioning , heating, hot water , cold , LPG ​​appliances , solar energy and household air conditioning.


  • You Can Trust +

     All of our staff are qualified and are specialists in their field and work within their specialist teams distributed in the various departments within Gasifred.

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