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Support for Sport

 GASIFRED athletic, playing in the National Silver Division, born of interest in the sport of a group of workers GASIFRED.

Juan Ruiz Hinojosa, the current manager and chief of GASIFRED ATHLETIC GASIFRED workshop is considered the soul of this team, although many company employees who, unselfishly, continue to work on this project for 20 years.

Ernesto Espinosa, player template GASIFRED ATHLETIC is also a GASIFRED employee.

Tel. +34 971 39 80 41 Fax: 971 30 52 43 - Av. España nº 74 , Eivissa
Formentera: Tel. +34 971 32 23 37 Fax: 971 32 26 89 - Crta. La Savina Km.2. San Francisco


  • Our Standards +

     International TÜV has certified GASIFRED Quality Assurance according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for " Supply , sales, facilities management and maintenance of hospitality machinery, air conditioning , heating, hot water , cold , LPG ​​appliances , solar energy and household air conditioning.


  • You Can Trust +

     All of our staff are qualified and are specialists in their field and work within their specialist teams distributed in the various departments within Gasifred.

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