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Nowadays, there are many homes on Ibiza that require facilities as complex as or even more complex than those of hotels. They are detached single-family homes boasting top-of-the-line architecture and quality. In some cases, they are second homes of families that usually do not live on the island and want their installation in perfect condition as soon as they arrive to Ibiza. They are homes that can be used any time of the year so the installation should be designed for both summer and winter.


Installations tend to be an afterthought in this type of building, which is why the challenge for each new project is designing the installations in such a way that they suit both the technical needs of the building and its décor, fitting the budget in each case.


They are projects that are made to measure, so each case is analysed for the optimal choice that best suits each property.


When asked to do so, Gasifred actively collaborates with builders, architects, spatial planners, landscape architects and engineers so that they take the installations into account right from the early stage of the project to make sure it runs smoothly.

Air conditioning Commercial kitchens and stainless-steel units Extraction Fuel Fuel


Our Technical Department, with more than 10 qualified engineers, continuously provided the Works Management teams a technical perspective of the installations.

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