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D’Ambrosio Alimentaria:


At Gasifred, we consider each project an opportunity to build loyalty. And this is how this project for D’Ambrosio Alimentaria came about.


We faced the challenge of supplying all the equipment and air-conditioning for its new restaurant on the promenade of Ibiza.

It was necessary to design the entire kitchen, which included stainless-steel units, the commercial refrigeration system, the cooking range, counters and cold rooms. In this case, our competitors were international companies.


Gasifred was able to successfully carry out the project in its entirety while meeting deadlines and the customers’ expectations, thereby becoming their technical partners of choice for future projects and installations.

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These Italian customers started out working for Pio Di Biasse (Trattoria del Sole), and after several years, they ventured out on their own. Gasifred designed and set up their new restaurant in the Marina Botafoch area. They were extremely satisfied with the work we did.

After several years running this restaurant, there were technical support-related discrepancies. For a time, they stopped calling us in to handle their breakdowns, but in the end, they continued to rely on us.

In 2017, they approached us regarding a new project in the peripheral area of the promenade of Ibiza (the Nueva Ibiza building) and they asked us to design the kitchen for them. An Italian architect who acted as a go-between mentioned that everything was cheaper in Italy. They had received an air-conditioning system proposal from an Italian company and we had to convince the owners and the architect to accept our proposal instead. They had also requested quotations for some glass display cabinets that they finally bought from us.

We believe that the final results proved satisfactory for both the customers and our company, providing us with another reference for future installations.


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